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On 6th July a report relating to Radyr Primary School is due to go to the Cabinet meeting of the Cardiff City and County Council. This report is to inform the Cabinet of any objections received to the statutory notice to increase the capacity of Radyr Primary School from 376 places to 420 places to allow the school to admit up to 60 pupils from September 2017 onwards and for them to determine whether the permanent increase is to proceed or be declined. This report will be available online a week before the meeting and can be accessed via the Council’s webpage www.cardiff.gov.uk


As such the Local Authority is not able to confirm those children over and above those already allocated places in the initial round of allocations that could potentially be offered places at the school until after this date because to do so would be deemed to be prejudging the outcome of the process.


We appreciate that many parents are keen to know the outcome and in the event it were to be decided that our admission number can be permanently increased to 60, reception class families would like to connect with the school to find out about new starter information and for their children to have the opportunity to come and experience our school and meet the teachers etc.


As we will not know the outcome until the 6th July we are proposing to arrange a provisional new parents meeting on the morning of the 10th July @ 9.15am with an opportunity for children to come into the school for further taster sessions already arranged for the 11th and 12th July from 1.30pm- 3.00pm.


In the event the proposal is determined to proceed to implementation, families will be informed by the Admissions team via email and phone regarding whether their child has been successful in securing a place on the 7th July. If your child is on the waiting list please ensure that your contact details are correct by emailing your contact number and email to Receptionadmissions@cardiff.gov.uk so the Local Authority can contact you to inform of the process and how it affects you.


Please note in the event it is decided that the proposal is not to proceed the parent meeting and taster days will not go ahead.


All information regarding starting school at Radyr Primary is available on the website.

Information on being a nut free school

If you are a parent or carer, we hope you will find the information below useful.

Helping us be a

Nut Free School

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