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Christmas rapping by Gracie


This term we’ve been working on poems and we wrote our own Christmas raps. Last week, Mrs Jones managed to get us the iPads and we had to go on an app called Morfo Booth to film our raps. What you had to do is:


  1. Take a picture of yourself
  2. Adjust your face
  3. Press record
  4. Perform your rap
  5. Listen to it
  6. Save it


The thing that made us use it, was that when you pressed record you could read your rap from your books and the lips would move for you, instead of having to learn it off by heart. That is called Augmented Reality. We all had a lot of fun with it even though some people had to re-do their videos (including me!). It was very exciting, and we hope we can do it again one day!



My rap

Still image for this video

Rhys' Rap

Still image for this video

Will's rap

Still image for this video

Our Landmark for Cardiff Project by Chloe


First we learned about famous architecture. After that we learned about other buildings to help us generate lots of ideas, then we had to pick two which I found hard because we had lots of amazing ideas to choose from. But, when we used our thinking hats and thinking maps to compare, I found it easy. When we got to design it I thought it was fun making the big posters with all the information and pictures. Next we wrote a script to help us. In the presentation I felt nervous, but at the end I felt happy. We evaluated everyones. Then finally we evaluated our own. 

School Council


Hi I'm Kacey, and I'm the school councilor for my class because some people voted for me!!! I am excited because I get to go on trips and to important meetings. We went on a trip to the new Co-op which is now part of the community and I got some fruit and we cut the ribbon. 


I like our meetings because I get to meet the other school councilors, and I like meeting new people. We have talked about what equipment to buy for the playground, and we asked our classes for their ideas. They had lots of ideas, and we will see if they are good enough to buy in our next meeting. We are also talking about how to raise money for Pudsey Day. 


The school council's job is to get everybody's ideas, and to take them to Mrs Riley, so that they can see the children's ideas because they might have good ideas and the children are important!