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Homework 2.2.18


This week's maths homework is word problems. Please discuss with your child the different words that are used in maths to mean the same thing, e.g. less than, subtract, difference etc. 


On our main class page there is information about how to access Scratch at home for the children to practise their code skills. Please encourage them to explore Scratch and see what they can make. 



Homework 26.1.18

The children will be bringing home their Hwb passwords today, please log in with your child and explore the resources and software available - there are a lot! Please also try logging into both Hwb and Abacus Active Learn over the weekend and let me know if you cannot log in. 


Maths homework this week is a mixture of multiplication and subtraction. A video showing the 'Ladder Method' taught this week has been allocated to the whole class on Abacus Active Learn, please watch this with your child to help consolidate their learning.


The subtraction questions 9, 10, 11 may look a little confusing as they are partially solved - an image is shown below. To clarify, question 9 is asking you to solve 437 - 163. The numbers in the question have already been partitioned and the tens and hundreds columns show the numbers that have been exchanged (or carried/borrowed) above them. So the answer to question 9 is 274. 


Spellings 29.1.18

Spelling sentences must have a capital letter and full stop. They should have a possessive apostrophe. They could have a connective.

Homework 5.12.17


There will be no new spellings this week, instead the children have high frequency spelling words or common spelling error word searches to complete. Please could red spelling books be returned to school by Friday at the latest.


In the run up to Christmas we will be consolidating all the maths concepts covered so far this year. Please encourage the children to play the games in their abacus libraries and practise their tables.

Homework 01.12.2017


Maths homework this week is column addition and / or subtraction. Please remind children to set these out using the written method rather than mental maths. 


Language homework is researching about Victorian Christmas traditions, which links into our recent history work. 


Please keep practising for the carol concert. Though the children will have the words to read from and don't need to memorise it,  as much practise as possible will be advantageous. If your child is doing a reading they will have brought a slip home.  


Please continue to play the Abacus games that have been allocated and for those who haven't yet done so, try to clear your games. 


Have a lovely long weekend. 



Update 24.11.17


Thank you to all of the family and friends who were interviewed about Christmas. There were some wonderful interviews, and I really enjoyed reading them all. 


This week we have been writing poetry. We have practised using simile, metaphor, personification and rhyming couplets. The children have really enjoyed writing and recording their own Christmas raps. 


Next week we will be learning about newspapers articles, how they are structured and beginning to create our own. It may help to look at the newspaper with your child and discuss the different elements that make up an article. 


For our times tables next week we will be testing 8s and 5s. 



Homework 13.11.2017


Thank you to all the children who have brought in their Half Term projects, the leaflets are looking great! Also well done to those children who managed to clear their Abacus games - a sterling effort! A reminder please could all children continue to work towards this, so that your library is empty of games (I know that videos may remain). 


Times tables this week will be focused on 7s and 11s so please practise at home, along with spellings. 


This week we are learning about the use of similes, metaphors and onomatopoeia in poetry. In maths we are continuing our work on decimals and place value. 


I look forward to seeing you on Parents' Evening. 


Homework 23.10.17


Please practise the 7, 11 and 12 times tables ready for Friday's test. Please also go over fractions at home: simplifying and finding equivalent fractions, focusing on performing the same calculation to the numerator (top number) and denominator (bottom number).


For spellings, try to write persuasive sentences using your spelling words.


During half term, please practise all the spellings learned so far. We will have a test on the first Friday back, covering a random selection of twenty of the words learned so far. There will be no written maths homework, instead please try to clear all the Abacus games in the 'My Games' section. You can revisit previous games in the 'Library' section. 



Homework 09.10.2017

Practise times tables - this week we are focussing on 2s, 4s and 8s.

Please also practise doubling and halving numbers. We will be using the partitioning method. E.g. to double 324: double 300, double 20 and double 4. Then put all the parts back together. 600+40+4.



Spelling sentences -

Must: start with capital letters and end in full stop, question mark or exclamation mark. 

Should: include adjectives and adverbs to add interest.

Could: include a connective.

Spellings 02.10.2017


Spelling sentences;

Must: start with capital letters and end in full stop, question marks or exclamation marks. 

Should: include adjectives and adverbs to add interest.

Could: include a connective.

Homework 25.09.17


Play Cloud Clash and Bug Zapper to help with your maths this week.


Practise tables, focus on x9. Can you remember the special patterns?

Homework 18.09.17


Play Cave Commotion to practise your bonds to 100

Practise your times tables, focussing on x6 and x8



Every child should have taken home a letter explaining our Half Term project which will involve making a leaflet about a Cardiff landmark. These can be made on the computer using any suitable software and printed out, or created by hand. Above is an example of one made on a computer, using Publisher.