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PE and Superstars

Wednesday; Supertars (outdoor kit, trainers essential)

Thursday; PE (indoor kit, bare feet)




Classroom Organisation

If you have any concerns at all please don't hesitate to contact us either before of after school. For any non-urgent enquiries Wednesday morning is usually a good time to catch us both.




Helping at home

Thank you to everyone who helped their children to practise telling the time over half term, it has really paid off. Please could you continue to practise minutes to the hour, for example, 2:45pm is the same as quarter to 3. This is something lots of children find really tricky.

Next week we will be focusing on duration, using 'Frog Hopping' ask the children to 'teach' you this method. 

Abacus maths games.

Step by step video guides for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division are available on the children's Abacus games pages.

The children now have their login details. All children have been allocated games that relate to our class work. We are aware that the resource is not compatible with all devices but if the children are able to access this at home it can be very helpful. Please encourage the children to try and login in. If they have any difficulties we can check in school to see if it is an issue with their username or their device.

In order to be most effective the children should try to persevere and complete all levels of the game. The game is then transferred to their library for future practice.

Ideally the children should aim to have no more than 8 games in their 'My Stuff' section at any time. 


As you will know we do not have a separate cloakroom and all the children's bags are stored in the classroom. As it gets colder the children need to bring warmer/bulkier coats to school. Please, please could we ask that all children only bring bags if they really need them and that they are as small as possible. Thanks you.