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Year 5 Mr J Murphy

Croeso i Blwyddyn 5!


I would like to say welcome back after the summer holidays and well done on making  a great start to Year 5.





Our first context for learning this year will be 'Globetrotters.'  Pupils enjoyed working with different teachers during their 'Immersion Day', having the opportunity to try a wide variety of activities.  Following on from this pupils have made suggestions for what they would like to learn during this topic.

Pupil's planning for 'Globetrotters'



Single digit addition and multiplication facts


Having the ability to recall addition and multiplication facts is an important tool for children  when working in maths.  I would like all pupils to spend some time learning these facts to the point where they have instant recall. 


There are 36 single digit + single digit  facts and 36 single digit x single digit facts.  Pupils will have a 'Learn Its' test each week where they have 100 seconds to answer all 72 of these questions.  At the moment many pupils are relying on counting on methods which are inefficient and can hinder progress in maths.  I would like pupils to learn these as facts e.g. learn that 5 + 7 = 12 or that 6 x 7 = 42.


If pupils know a fact they are then able to make connections to a whole host of other facts, e.g.

If I know that 5 + 7 = 12 then I also know

i)  7 + 5 = 12        ii)  12 - 7 = 5      iii)   12 - 5 = 7

iv)  500 + 700 = 1200     v)  1200 - 700 = 500      vi)  0.7 + 0.5 = 1.2


Learning facts can be done through repetition or playing games.  The aim in the 'Learn Its' test is for pupils to answer the questions that they 'know' the answer to and to answer a few more questions each week.  It doesn't matter what a pupil's score is in the beginning as long as they try to improve that score each week.


The best way to learn these facts is by spending a few minutes every day working on the facts that pupils need to learn.  Little and often is more effective than a longer session once a week.  5 minutes a day should be plenty.


I have added links to some websites below that can be used to work on learning addition and tables facts.