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Homework 10th May 

Children have been given a maths sheet to complete for homework this week, which is focused on addition. Children can use either of the following methods:

I have allocated some videos to all the children in Abacus if you need help with methods. 

Autumn half term homework


After half term the children will be writing a holiday guide about a place of their choosing. In preparation for this, we would like them to spend a little time researching a destination. This can be done online, at the library or by visiting in person. The place could be a country, city or resort, and it can be local or abroad. If you are having a family holiday or a day trip during half term, then that can feed into the research. Children can record this in anyway they choose – by writing some simple notes, taking photographs and captioning them, creating a PowerPoint or a Word document (both available through Hwb).  

A good starting point if you aren’t travelling to the destination is the Google Earth website. The intention is not for children to have written their holiday guide over the half term, but simply to have an idea about which place they’d like to write about and to have some ideas of the kinds of content they could include. 

Book in a box.

We know that Christmas is a hectic time of year. That is why this project is not expected until 18/1/2016. We want to use these boxes to go into our school library area and cant wait to see what the children come up with!


What you need to do:

Take a box and pack it full of information about your favorite book. You should think about:

  1. Characters
  2. Objects
  3. Story lines and plot
  4. Favorite chapter

Take a look at these examples based on different books to help you: