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Year 3 E Jones

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Assembly Practise


Please could all children practise these songs for our end of year school assembly:


Joseph's Coat of Many Colours from 1:04
(All sing first part, boys sing the brothers' parts and girls sing the female parts, Joseph sings solo)


Any Dream Will Do


Thank you!

Homework 10th May 

Children have been given a maths sheet to complete for homework this week, which is focused on addition. Children can use either of the following methods:

I have allocated some videos to all the children in Abacus if you need help with methods. 



Homework  3/5/19

Thank you for completing the practise papers over the Easter holidays. We went through these today with the children, and I have also sent home some of the practise papers that we have done in class should you want to see how your child has got on. Homework for this week is a full reasoning and reading paper. Usually the reading test is completed within an hour, and the reasoning test in half an hour, but it is more important that they have some practise than the time they take. They also have breaks during the test, so if you do want to time them, please do the test in chunks and not all at once. 

Homework 8/3/19

Homework 8/3/19 1
Homework 8/3/19 2
Homework 8/3/19 3
Homework 8/3/19 4

Safer Internet Day


We were visited by PC Jane from South Wales Police today who reminded us of the importance of age restrictions on social media, website and games. Please talk to your children about the importance of not engaging in the social element of games such as Roblox and Minecraft by keeping their social/chat settings closed. All social media apps and websites such as Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat are restricted to those aged 13+ for safety purposes. Please also be aware of the age ratings of games such as Fortnite with is aged 12+, and discuss at home whether your child is playing any inappropriate games that you may be unaware of. 


Please see below the lyrics and music for Y Deryn Du, which is the song that Year 3 will be performing for the Eisteddfod. Children are encouraged to enter the singing, dance and instrumental competitions. 

Expanded Method multiplication - homework

This week's homework has been sent home in the children's books and is expanded multiplication. In order to help you support them at home, below is an explanation of the method we have been learning this week:

In the example shown in the picture below, 24 x 4

firstly 4 x 4= 16

then 20 x 4 = 80 (using 2 x tables and place value to add x10 back)

Finally add the two answers together. 


Picture 1

Class Assembly


Our class assembly is next Friday February 1st, and the children have all been given their lines to practise at home. Everyone has been given something to say, although the lines are much briefer than the Christmas concert, by necessity of time. Here are the links to the two songs we are learning should you want to practise them at home:


Take me home (Public Service Broadcasting)



Mae Hen Wlad fy Nhadau (Welsh national anthem)

With lyrics:


With singing:


In terms of costumes, please see below a guideline - however please don't feel that you have buy any costumes or items especially for it. If your child is a character and a narrator, then they should dress as the character only. If they are also a voter then they just need the costume of their character (e.g. if they are a miner and a voter, they can just be a voting miner!).


Police/soldiers: all black/ dark clothes. If you have any police or soldier dressing up items they would be great too. We will make some silver epaulettes at school to pin onto their dark clothing.

Miners: jeans or trousers and a shirt or t-shirt. If you have a builders/miners hat or a flat/dai cap these would also be great. 

Chartists/Merthyr Risers: jeans & check shirt or any other shirt/t-shirt. Not something fancy please so no sequins or bright colours. 

Rebecca Rioters: long(ish) skirts/dresses/blouses/shirts.

Narrators: school trousers/skirts and a white top.

Lord Melbourne: shirt tie, waistcoat.

Margaret Thatcher: dress or skirt and top, if possible handbag and beads but I can also bring these in. 

Arthur Scargill: jeans, shirt and tie and a cap (baseball cap is fine)

Vicar: all black.


Many thanks for your support!


Using Hwb


Year 3 are using Hwb more at school and becoming more independent, and therefore we would like to begin setting some of their homework online. Hwb is the Welsh Government learning platform which contains lots of apps to support learning including Office 365, Google apps, Encyclopedia Britanica and j2. Please log-in with your child using their blue and red log-in card and have a look at these apps:


  • Office 365 including One Drive and Outlook
  • Google including Google Classroom and Sites
  • j2 Blast (spelling and maths games)


For their homework this week, they have been asked to add something they've made to our Classroom. It could be a powerpoint, poster, story, video or anything in between.


How to access our Google Classroom

  • Log-in to hwb at hwb.gov.wales using log-in details on red/blue cards (lots of the children know their log-ins so don't need this)
  • Click on the waffle on the top right corner and select Google
  • If the classroom doesn't automatically open then click on the waffle and select it from the apps 
  • To add work, click on the 'share something with your class' button (top centre). 


We will be going through this lots together in class, in order for us to get used to using it for our learning. Thank you for your support!


Ms Jones



Well done Year 3!

Da iawn Blwyddyn 3 for an absolutely wonderful Christmas performance of The Muppets Christmas Carol. All the children were excellent in their performances, having worked hard on stage props, costumes, learning lots of lines and songs. A big thank you to all of the families for supporting the children by providing costumes, help with learning lines and songs and, of course, being a fantastic audience! Nadolig Llawen pawb!

Christmas Concert

Please spend some time practising the songs and scripts for our Christmas concert which is in two weeks. Below you can find the links to videos showing the songs to sing along to. Please also start planning your child's costume, and fill in the sheet in their homework book. There is a suggested list of costumes below. 


It feels like Christmas:



Bless Us All:






Marley and Marley:



A Thankful Heart:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bpb9EbmvM5M (Muppets version)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lne5vOz3SNg (With lyrics)


One More Sleep:



We Wish You a Merry Christmas:




Essential information


  • P.E Kits will be needed for Tuesdays and Wednesdays.


  • Spelling books will be given out on Monday to be brought back on Friday for the spelling test. Please support your child in practising their spelling words, discussing the pattern and choosing an additional 5 words that use the same pattern. Children are encouraged to think about the pattern or rule they are practising - when does it change, are there any exceptions etc. Friday tests will include the 5 given words and 5 'unseen' words using the same pattern. 


  • Homework will be given out on Friday to be brought back by Tuesday.
  • Reading books will be changed on the following days: 
    Monday: Grwp Glas & Grwp Oren         
    Wednesday: Grwp Coch

    Friday: Grwp Gwyrdd & Grwp Melyn 
  • Abacus games should be completed weekly. Children have been given their log-in details for both Hwb and Abacus to bring home. 



Bringing bags into school

We ask that children only bring bags into school if it is absolutely essential, and that they are as small as possible. This is due to a limited amount of space in the cloakroom area. Thank you for your support and consideration.


Croeso Nol - Welcome Back


Welcome back everyone to year 3, we are already in the swing of our new topic Globetrotters. So far we have had lots of fun learning about different explorers, the Viking and Egyptians and using maps and globes to learn about the world. 

Autumn half term homework


After half term the children will be writing a holiday guide about a place of their choosing. In preparation for this, we would like them to spend a little time researching a destination. This can be done online, at the library or by visiting in person. The place could be a country, city or resort, and it can be local or abroad. If you are having a family holiday or a day trip during half term, then that can feed into the research. Children can record this in anyway they choose – by writing some simple notes, taking photographs and captioning them, creating a PowerPoint or a Word document (both available through Hwb).  

A good starting point if you aren’t travelling to the destination is the Google Earth website. The intention is not for children to have written their holiday guide over the half term, but simply to have an idea about which place they’d like to write about and to have some ideas of the kinds of content they could include. 


Our topic for this term is Globetrotters. For our immersion days we enjoyed our visit from Major Tom who took us on a exciting journey of discovery about famous explorers through history. The children loved learning about Christopher Columbus, Marco Polo and others. We also spent time on immersion activities such as tracing the routes that the Viking armies took on their invasion of Great Britain, exploring artifacts from different countries abroad and designing our own country flags. 


The children have now spent some time using these immersion activities to think about what they would like to learn more about, using our skills to plan some lessons for the term. We have lots of exciting learning planned!