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Year 3 E Jones

Essential information


  • P.E Kits will be needed for Mondays and Tuesdays.


  • Spelling books will be given out on Monday to be brought back on Thursday for the spelling test on Friday. Please support your child in practising their spelling words, discussing the pattern and choosing an additional 5 words that use the same pattern. Children are encouraged to think about the pattern or rule they are practising - when does it change, are there any exceptions etc. Friday tests will include the 5 given words and 5 'unseen' words using the same pattern. 
  • Each Friday there will be a times tables test - please practise at home beginning with the 2, 5, 10, 4 and 3 times tables. 


  • Homework will be given out on Friday to be brought back by Tuesday.  Abacus Active Learn games will be set each week, and learners' log-ins will be sent home in their homework books.


Bringing bags into school

We ask that children only bring bags into school if it is absolutely essential, and that they are as small as possible. This is due to a limited amount of space in the cloakroom area. Thank you for your support and consideration.