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The past few weeks we have been very busy; we have created a model of a Giraffe that will be seen in Radyr for the Roald Dahl festival. We have also gone to Diversity's dance studio in Essex, which was really fun and cool we got to dance and look round the studio.

   In English we did a piece of writing on Roald Dahl. This week we have been preparing for our national test in both Maths and English. 

   In Science we have been covering classifying science investigations. We have used a human graph in class. In Art we did a competition where we had to draw a picture from one of Roald Dahl's books and made up a fictional story and country.

    In P.E we have covered touch rugby and rounders, we have really enjoyed ourselves!!no


   Thank You For Reading 

      Ffion and Isabelle



This week in maths we learnt about HCF (highest common factor) and LCM (lowest common multiple) and the short division method.

In English/read write Inc we have planned out and wrote a story with a genre of our own choice.

As it is our last week of the term apart from next week because we are at Stackpole, we have made posters in groups about what we learnt about our topic the Romans.

On Tuesday to Thursday our other yr 6 teacher Miss Davies was ill so our yr 6 classes joined together in one class, 40 odd of us being taught by Mrs Pryce-Morris and her flexible friend!!

On Thursday the 17/03/16 all yr 6 had to bring in spare change to fill Mr Thomas' boots, at the end we managed to fill 5 boots and we broke the target like a boss! 

By Kayla and Mason








This week we have been we have been doing the usual routine: that includes maths, english, and last but not least science. Our current topic is the Romans. We have been to Caerleon and the amphitheatre. It was really interesting. We got to dress up in replica roman armour, learn about surgery in the roman times and the best thing out of all of it: go see the roman bathes. (That’s technically why we went). It was really fun. Now let’s get on with some other things.

In class pretty much every morning we do a English class called read write inc. In English we are currently looking at writing argument texts. In maths (after English every morning) we are looking at ordering decimals, multiplying by 10,100 and  1000 and multiplying and dividing fractions. In science we have been learning about states of mater (that is saying if something is a gas solid or liquid and their matter bonds like water has a loose matter bond, a solid has a strong matter bond and a gas has no matter bond).

Nick and Ethan


Below are quotes from us in the class about our trip to Caerleon today:


Epic and interesting school trip. We learnt all about the baths and what the romans wore. Lauren and Ruby


I loved learning about facts and exploring the ruins of the roman features, but alos watching clips that included facts. Marco, Ben, Alex and Ryan


It was Romazing (best pun ever!). We really recommend it. Really fun trip and helped our knowledge on the romans and its really awesome, really interesting and lots of facts learnt. Ffion, Kayla and Ewan


We extended our knowledge about the Romans from what roman armour looked like to roman surgery. Betsy and Tianna


Today we extended our knowledge on the romans by asking questions, watching videos and listening carefully. Mason and Max


We enjoyed learning about the amphitheatre and all the doctor stuff… Isabelle and Ollie


Fantabulous.  Scarlett and Cat

Our Week: 22/01/16

Read Write Ink

In Read Write ink we have been planning a poem. We had to do a brain storm on one sea animal; we had a choice of a deep sea octopus, great white shark, yellow angler fish, wark (whale shark) and a sting ray. These are some lines we thought of:

 A fairy kingdom you might see but really it’s just plain old me!

I really don’t hate people, I only hate myself, why can’t I be like everyone else? That one was about a depressed angler fish!


In maths we have been adding fractions, taking away fractions and converting fractions and decimals to percentages (we also did some GUSINTAS with Mrs Pryce!) We also applied our BODMAS skills to our topic whilst making Roman timelines (check out the gallery for the results!).


We have been doing the Romans, we had to do a fact file for a target audience of 8 year olds which lots have enjoyed doing. It was really fun doing a time line and everyone showed all of their different skills and creativity!


In welsh we have been learning many new phrases with Mr Lloyd (a welsh speaking volunteer) and Miss Davies. We have learned to have a long conversation, Mr Lloyd took a few pupils and helped us tell the time and pronounce words correctly.

Thank you for looking at our class blog

By Catrin and Scarlett!

Our Week: 15/01/16


Hello and welcome to our blog.


In English, we have been looking at poetic language and using it in our writing. We enjoyed reading the poem, "Rabbit in Mixer Survives" by Roger McGough and we did a little drama activity in which played characters from the poem.


In Maths, we have been mainly focusing on angles, but at the beginning of the week we did a shopping activity we had a budget and had to decorate a bedroom which we got different offers and discounts to take off our total. We also were looking at shapes and their properties and angles.


We have been looking more in depth at the Romans, especially the legend of Romulus and Remus, two brothers who fought for the city of Rome. We created storyboards to show the events of the legend. We had to review each others and write about what could be improved.


In Guided Group Reading, some of us created our own word wall to extend our vocabulary. We also had to pick useful text from a passage to "Introduce Claire".


Keep a look out on our class blog page for next week's blog! Enjoy it! By the way, we won "Class of the Week" and got Stuart the Minion for a week (see the photo in class gallery!).


By, Ffion and Ewan. ♦


This week we have enjoyed lerning about the Romans  through our topic work Time Travellers because we got to do a Fact File and a map of the Roman empire.

We have also looked into 2D shapes and different types of triangles. Our new unit in English is all about poetry.We have looked at a poem about the sea and one about a Rabbit-which was based on true events.We have each written poems about the new year.

We all enjoyed science when we looked into sound and light- we got to do an experiment with tape. We had to line up tape to show the way light travels in whatever way so that it would hit a smaller piece of tape by reflecting off mirrors. In art our class did card cut-outs to make designs inspired by Henri Matisse.


Blog by Ollie and Ben E